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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New dungeon system for World of Warcraft revealed

First details on new dungeon system for World of Warcraft revealed

Between those long bouts of collecting X amount of items or slaughtering Y of a certain enemy, you're bound to hit a roadblock in World of Warcraft when a quest suddenly calls for going through an instance that requires a whole party.

You can ask for help in the game's "Looking For Group" channel but all that comes down to is hoping that someone will see your chat entry, they're what you're looking for, and a whole mess of other factors. Or you would camp out by the instance while eating a sandwich and reading the Steamy Romance Novel you found and hope for passers-by. Blizzard will finally have a remedy for this issue since the game's release to help find groups and reward you too.

Blizzard has posted new details on an upcoming patch that will include various updates and new features for World of Warcraft dungeon runners. The new features were designed for players to have a more enjoyable and smoother experience when resorting to PUG play, or "pick up groups" when friends aren't around. There are also extra rewards to earn when playing in PUG groups and changes to the looting system. Here's the list of all the features that are coming soon:

* Join as Group or Solo - Flag yourself or a group you've made up to that point and add in the details as the role of a tank, DPS, or healer for each individual player. You can now choose as many dungeons as you wish instead of just three dungeons at a time and the matchmaking system will seek out to create balanced groups.

* Cross Realm Instances - Players from other realms can join you for your dungeon run but only through the matchmaker system. You cannot manually select a player from another realm.

* Instance Teleporting - Using the tool will instantly teleport you to the dungeon you want to attempt and you'll be given the added convenience of being placed right back where you initially were when you used the tool. You are also given the freedom to temporarily leave the dungeon to do an errand such as repairing your gear or selling trash items. Only groups seeking members or premade groups of five can use this.

* Smarter Group Matching - The system will do its best to mix in more experienced players with less experienced ones, match party members' character levels as close as possible, and balance out the classes in the party.

* Daily Random Dungeons - Take a chance! Choose a random dungeon at either normal or Heroic difficulty and earn two emblems based on the difficulty you've chosen to gather and trade toward rewards. This also applies to dungeons that were already present before Wrath of the Lich King content was added.

* PUG Benefits - Play in more groups through the matchmaking system and earn extra rewards. A new Perky Pug non-combat pet can be yours through PUG runs.

* Vote Kick - Is someone being troublesome? Get four votes from other members and they're out. Use it when necessary but don't abuse it at the same time.

* Updated Need Before Greed - If you're in a PUG group, take notice: looting only be restricted to Need Before Greed. The Need Before Greed system has also been updated to better grant items to the appropriate classes and also making sure they can even equip the item in the first place. This goes for armor as well.

* Group Disenchanting - Any items not claimed from looting with any kind of group will be available to be disenchanted by any enchanters in the group right from the looting window.

* Looking for Raid - Help yourself to look for raid groups by seeking for them manually. There will also be weekly raid quests available in this update.

No word on a release date, but new content posted on the World of Warcraft website usually means it's coming real soon.

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