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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Silverp the Rogue runs through the Ragefire Chasm instance

Ragefire Chasm is an instance dungeon located in Horde's capital Orgrimmar.
This is one of the shortest instances in the game, and of the easiest difficulty. For many players, this is likely the first instance they will play.
Definitely it is helpful to develop a player's group play skill. It will take teamwork to kill all the bosses.
This instance has not been changed since the Cataclysm expansion.
Mobs include elementals, trolls, snakes and orcs.
Three Horde quests are availiable, all quest givers are near the entrance of the instance. There are four bosses to kill:
Jergosh the Invoker
Taragaman the Hungerer

Overall, this is a beginner's instance, no problem for Silverh the Rogue. This instance is mainly used to teach players how to cooperate in a team to defeat enemies.

Silverh completes her 100th quest. A good achievement!

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