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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A test run of Diablo 3 free edition

I played so much Diablo 2, which came out more than a decade ago.
When I was ready to buy Diablo 3 when it came out last year, the reviews were not good at all.
Since Blizzard now offer Diablo 3 free edition, which allows a player to play until the end of Act 1,
so I installed the game.
This game requires Windows Vista with Service Pack 2.
The graphics are excellent.
The game play is a little slow though. It feels more like a MMORPG instead of an action RPG game.
Some of the older NPCs appear again.
Again, you have to save Deckard Cain in Act 1.
The Act 1 end boss is from Diablo 1, King Leoric.
The Yellow named monsters are elite with minions.
The blue monsters are champions.
The purple named monsters are uniques.
My first character is a barbarian, a melee guy.
Like World of Warcraft, you gain achievements as game progresses.
I only wish Blizzard can remake Diablo 2 with the new graphic engine.
This game requires good hardware, I may need to get a new PC to play the full version.

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