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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Silverh the hunter runs through the new Shadowfang Keep instance

The Shadowfang Keep, like the Deadmines, has also been remade into a new instance in the Cataclysm expansion, with four new bosses.
In fact, the entire Silverpine Forest zone has been remade, with many new quests. And on the Horde side, a long series of chain quest involving the Dark Lady Sylvanas leads to the bosses in the Shadowfang Keep.
Silverh, my new night elf hunter, joined a random group to go through this instance.
This instance only has one starting quest, and after beating each boss, next quest is automatically given.
Most of the mobs including the four bosses are undead. This instance has been given a level range of 16-26.

Silverh has already reached the level 20 cap of Wow starter edition. My third level 20 character :)

First boss, Baron Silverlaine, easy boss, he has a special ability that drains each player's life to almost zero.

Second boss, Commander Springvale, he still has a chance to drop a nice blue shield.

Third boss, Lord Walden, unlike the first two melee bosses, this one is a caster.

Fighting some trash mobs

Final boss, Lord Godfrey, a tough caster boss does tons of shadow damage (this is afterall, Shadowfang Keep). I like his hat ! He has a long story if you play the Horde quests in this zone.

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