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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Silverp the Rogue comes to the new barrens in wow cataclysm

The Barrens was one of the largest and most popular zones in World of Warcraft.
The land is mostly flat, with a few hills scattered throughout, running from Mor'shan Rampart near Ashenvale to the Great Lift near Thousand Needles can take 15 minutes without mount.
Barrens also had the widest level range of any single zone, spanning 15 levels (10-25).
The Barrens was infamous as a very busy secondary zone shared by tauren, orcs and trolls. With three instances and multiple travel hubs, it is a busy "in-between" area traversed by higher-level characters as well. This is a major contributing factor to the high volume of the chat in this region. The chat in the region has had the infamous tag of Barrens Chat due to its sometimes frequent trend of players going completely off-topic in discussions and delving into silliness, which annoys some players while amusing others. The Crossroads was also a popular destination for Alliance raids as it is a good meeting point to raid Orgrimmar.

Silverp the rogue decides to come to Barrens again to see the changes made in wow Cataclysm.

Silverp the blood elf rogue

Entering the Barrens, zebra, like Africa ... Also, it's so quiet, noone is playing in Barrens.

Mankrik, he found his dead wife in the old quest, now he wants to revenge.

Good old Crossroad, where all roads in Barrens intersect.

The barrens is split in two with a lava river separating the Northern Barrens and Southern Barrens. A fortified gate and high wall now separates the southern Barrens from Mulgore.

Verog the Dervish, a named Kolkar boss, I remember him from questing with previous toons.

Raptor King Reaperclaw, this maybe a new quest boss.

Silverp reaches level cap 20 from questing in Barrens.

Silverp gets a mount.

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