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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Silverh the hunter runs through Blackfathom Deeps instance in Ashenvale

Blackfathom Deeps is the only remaining instance I have not visited that is accessible in WOW starter Edition (level 20 cap). I decide to take Silverh the hunter for a run of this instance.
It seems very few people are playing this instance, it took Silverh half hour to assemble a group going in.

Blackfathom Deeps is an underwater dungeon in northwestern Ashenvale. It is accessed by a stair-lined shaft that requires one to swim through an underwater entrance. The deeps are comprised of a series of watery caverns leading deep to a temple devoted to the Old Gods. The Twilight's Hammer cult runs this shrine, and it has joined forces with local naga and satyrs to defend the unholy creature, Aku'mai (final boss).

Situated along the Zoram Strand of Ashenvale, Blackfathom Deeps was once a glorious temple dedicated to the night elves' moon-goddess, Elune. However, the great Sundering shattered the temple - sinking it beneath the waves of the Veiled Sea.

Mobs in this instance include murlocs, nagas, humans, turtles, elementals etc, with a level range of 18-25.
There are four alliance quests, with excellent rewards, all quest NPCs are at the beginning of the instance.

First boss, a big named turtle.

Logalis Manuscript, a quest item.

Gelihast, a murloc boss, there is an orb behind him that gives you a 10% more stats buff for one hour.

Lorgus Jett is a high ranking Twilight's Hammer human, he is wanted for a Horde quest.

Elemental quest NPC, again, he is there for a Horde quest.

Twilight Lord Kelris, he will use a Mind Control spell periodically, as well as a Sleep.

final boss - Aku'mai, an easy boss, just tank and spank.

A quest reward, this is the best bow you can get on a level 20 character.

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