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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Silveri the undead hunter running through the Wailing Caverns instance

I liked hunter class, in fact, the very first character I played in Wow was a tauren hunter.
So, after Silverh the night elf hunter reaches the level 20 cap, I created Silveri, an undead hunter.
Joining a random group, we ran through the Wailing Caverns instance, which is also the very first instance I ever played in Wow. It seems not much has changed for this instance, the same bosses exist as the very beginning of Wow, only the drops and quests are modified. All of the quests start from NPCs at the entrance of the instance.

The Wailing Caverns in Northern Barrens is one of the first instanced dungeons that lower-level players encounter. One primary reason to venture into the Wailing Caverns is for BoP drops from the numerous bosses in the instance. Some of the quest rewards are also highly desirable. A large portion of random drops are good BoE gear for levels 10-19.

My undead rogue hunter Silveri.

Kresh, a neutral turtle boss, he can still drop a nice shield. Optional boss.

Skum, another named boss, do not remember what he can drop. Optional boss.

Lord Serpentis, one of the four druid bosses in this instance. He is a quest boss.

Verdan the Everliving, he hits really hard, and has an AoE entangle.

Muyoh, a Disciple of Naralex. He is a quest NPC, he summons Naralex from the Emerald Dream.
You can only start this sequence after the four druid bosses are killed.

The summoning chamber.

Mutanus the Devourer, a huge murloc, he will try to interrupt the summoning.
He can drop a blue caster ring, which is probably the first blue ring you can get as a Horde.

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