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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A revisit of the Deadmines instance

Silverhp the warrior went through the new Deadmine instance with a random pick up group.
This instance has been updated, it is totally new, with new quests.
The old boss Van Cleef is no more.
A new set of bosses await.

At a start of the instance, a replay of the demise of Edwin Van Cleef.
His daughter witnessed it, and vowed to avenge for his father's death.
Too bad she only appears in the Heroic version. We don't face her in a normal run.

First boss, a two headed ogre.

Second boss, a Goblin that sets bombs on the floor

Third Boss, a Mech Reaper.

Van Cleef's old boat.

Fourth Boss, a Worgen Admiral.

He has some cool special attacks, a mist of shadow

Final boss, a Murloc Captain sits in a pot, and throw you rotten food.

a new achievement.

Overall, a very nice and enjoyable instance. But I do miss the old version of Deadmines, wish Blizzard gives you an option to replay the old version.

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